Author: Marco S. Vermiglio

  • Interview with (Uncut) – May 2024

    Interview by Jonathan Jancsary Hey Marco and thank you very much for your time and your willingness to answer a few questions! Five years passed since your first EP “We Who Light The Fire”, please let us know a bit what happened between these years. Were you continuously working on the songs which we can…

  • Flail of Venom Interview’s Transcript (July 2020)

    Words by D. O’Mahony Having released their debut “We Who Light the Fire” in late-2019, Italian one-man epic/black metal band FLAMEKEEPER has been under the needle for the past few months. The bands only member, Marco S. spoke to us about the influence, message, relationship with the label and themes of his music. With a…

  • The Birth of a Tribe.

    The Birth of a Tribe.

    October 18th 2019: the Birth of a Tribe. FLAMEKEEPER revealed to the World with the premiere of the song Until This Earth Takes Me. “We Who Light the Fire” EP to be released november 29th on Invictus Productions.